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I was promised this picture would go viral. More likely that it will go fungal.

What's going on here?

I love placeholder text. It makes me feel like a contributor without actully doing anything. Someday this website will be a great place for a great many things. This page will be a portal to where you can find my personal blog, but also direct you to the company that I'm going to start one day. There will be a link to all the games that I've designed and published, and who knows what other projects I may decide to take credit for.

What I've got so far:

No ads, no tracking

Because I've chosen to not besmirch your visit with unwanted tracking software, if you want me to know that you've been here, you'll have to leave a comment on a blogpost, or figure out my email address

Because advertisements mean tracking, there will be none of those here, either. If you wish to pay for your use of the server, you can track me down and give me cash. I have a account, but it's not set up to receive payments.

In either case, you are my first and only visitor, so there wasn't much point in me running ad and tracking software anyway. Congratulations!