Untitled Dating Sim

Each game idea, I try to make more simple and realistic. A dating sim is about as simple as I can think about from a programming perspective. No details yet.

Search and Find: In Real Life

Search through my house looking for items that I misplaced. But hurry, time is running out! Is it fun? Maybe not, but it seemed like a realistic goal to build with GameMaker and avoid the need to learn how to code. All that needs to happen is to link a bunch of photos together and hide stuff in silly places. The challenge is making a coherant house out of pictures, which is harder than I thought.

Circles and Lines

You are the Circles, the computer is the lines. You start with a screen of nodes with one little circle and try to intercept the lines shooting from node to node without getting hit before your circle is complete. Kinda like Jezzball, that old game where you divide the field that has balls bouncing around, but different.

Anti-cancer metaphor (working title)

A army of soldiers has one traitor in its midst. Your job: shoot him, even if it means sacrificing the good soldiers in the way. Like C&L, it's about lining things up, but this time it's 3D and might contain a modicum of a story.


You are a fisherman, looking for today's meal. Or you can sell your catch to a local trader who brings it to town. A charming fishing game, except for the days you don't catch enough to feed your family. A relaxing game, unless you decide to go into town...

You could go into town to get a better price, but that would mean taking time away from fishing. And being taxed on what you earn. And being concerned about ever more restrictive fishing laws. And, possibly, getting very, very rich. Is it worth it to give up fishing? This game features hats.

  • 2D topdown perspective to get the best look at the hats
  • Realistically simulated markets
  • The best fishing experience on PC (depending on what you expect from a fishing game)

A stranger comes to town

An isolated village. A strict set of rules. And a man looking for a better life. The outcasts say becoming a villager is impossible; it's better to stay outside and scrounge for scraps, like them. Just don't go too deep into the jungle. In any case, they teach the stranger a few phrases to be able to speak to the villagers.

  • Inspiration: The Village, Don't Starve, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, the Pharisees
  • Twenty or so characters with meaningful interactions and compelling stories
  • Every action, mundane or profound, affects every person
  • Intricate and finely tuned self-sustaining economy - don't upset it!
  • Learn to fit in, or be cast out
  • A unique conversation mechanic; you must collect words and phrases to speak
  • Try to be exactly like them; or destroy the village attempting to
  • Try to change the villagers; or destroy them in the effort
  • Maybe life in the jungle isn't so bad; if you can avoid sudden death

Quest for Excellence

You are preparing to be a hero at the School for Adventures. The people you meet and classes you take will uniquely set you up for the quests you will take on as you go out into the wide world. Eventually, your preparation is over, and there remains but one requirement for graduation: prove yourself. It's up to you to decide how you will spend your year making your mark on the world; but you're not the only one out there.

Last updated: November 21st, 2023