God of Minecraft

Why is minecraft so much fun? That’s easy enough to answer: it’s like an infinite-sized lego set; with millions of regular bricks and a plethora of special bricks, you can build pretty much anything you can imagine. But even better, it’s set in a world to explore. If a blank slate leaves you with a blank mind, just wander off until you see a chasm that needs a bridge or a seaside that needs a cottage or a desert that needs a massive pyramid reaching to the clouds.

I love this. When I was first introduced to minecraft, I could tell that I would be spending a lot of time in this digital world. Since I was in school, that was sound reasoning to not purchase the game (which I still have not done).

Multiplayer games have a similar appeal to me. Anything with a ranking system means that I could be moving to the top. Better yet are MMOs where the social metagame is inherent to the game. I dream of making myself widely known, not only meeting the limits of what is possible in the game, but shooting into the stratosphere of the metagame.

There is a new game coming out that brings all this appeal and more to my drooling imagination. Called No Man’s Sky, it is an entire universe procedurally generated with each player starting on a previously undiscovered planet. With ecosystems, alien races, and fully destructible planets (!!), the possibilities are as endless as the real universe is vast.

A verse comes to mind. Psalm 100:3 says

Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves”

Surely, part of being created in God’s image is the desire to create, to be known, and to seek glory. And yet, even more surely, God is the creator. He made me in a certain way, with limits to my power. There is no self-made man, and I would be a fool to try to make a god of myself. A tower was once built, a work of art glorifying man and exalting him up to heaven. It was a disaster, and an example that I do not wish to follow.

— March 18, 2016

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