Miscellaneous thoughts

Did you think I was dead? I’m not.
Did you think I would dump WordPress because it’s too mainstream, and PicoCMS looks slick? I might, it’s been on my todo list for at least a month. Then again, writing a blog post has been there longer.
Did you think that Windows is neat-o? It’s getting that way. So, a year or so ago, Microsoft added multiple desktops, just like every other operating system in the world had a long time ago. Finally, I can stop mucking around with third-party desktop managers that do weird things (like that one time when I was playing a free trial and the notification came and said that I was out of time, but I used NVidia’s multiple desktop feature to make the notification go away and keep playing for as long as I wanted? Yep, that feature is gone). Come to think of it, Windows 7 added snap-to-the-side auto resizing windows. It wasn’t as good as what Linux had, but Windows 10 has improved those features to the point of being usable, and obsoleted other third-party software that I used to emulate the feel of using a Linux desktop. Now, the next big Windows update is advertising a feature that just might tip the balance: a syncable clipboard. Ok, Linux has clipboard management built in, and I use third party software to allow my Windows clipboard to be usable (ClipX and ClipChain). But this is a different feature – it allows the user to copy on one computer and paste on another – that feature would save me so many headaches; or rather, so many emails sent to myself or saved in the draft folder of Gmail. No, actually, it would do nothing for me because I’m not going to sign into my Microsoft account on a public computer, and currently have only one computer myself. And I’m not going to jump onto the already smoldering Windows Phone wagon for that feature alone. But, if Microsoft can pull off that feature, they just might add other clipboard functionality such as multiple entries.
Did you think RTS was dead? I don’t know what the current milieu of game reviewers is, but I’ve heard that a few times in my day. Allow me to counter with this statement: RTS is immortal. Between the close and personal Company of Heroes and the grand scale of Supreme Commander, there really isn’t much incentive to make another RTS game. Well, except for that next epic Chris Taylor game that will be seamless between mobile and PC. I have a suspicion that he ripped off my idea for the Cosmos strategy game that I had in the works. Oh well, I’ve long since written that off as outside the limits of my skills and moral sensibilities. Good luck to him.

— March 20, 2018

One thought on “Miscellaneous thoughts

  1. Are you saying that Windows is the new Linux? ‘Cause I’m experiencing Linux being the old Windows. As in, I can’t install an old version of Ubuntu, because it’s too old to connect to find the new servers and perform an update. Just like Windows 7.
    All things considered, comparing to Ubuntu (my favorite Linux to hate on) with Windows 7 (unilaterally[citation needed] considered the best version of Windows) isn’t such a bad thing.

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