Hide and Seek

When I got my copy of GameMaker, I threw together half a game, where you could wander around a house until you found the bathroom, at which point you win. It’s pretty terrible, because I just dl’d random pictures from the internet of rooms that really didn’t fit together. I’d like to make it into an actual game where you wander around a house looking for something.
Rather than looking for a thing (or room), it’s called hide and seek, because you are looking for a person. Maybe a very small person, like an elf-on-a-shelf or a fairy, because everything will be clickable. Absolutely every object can be checked to see if your quarry is hiding there. “Nope, nothing in the cookie jar.” “No, there is no one hiding in the fridge.” “Yes, you found me hiding in the piano!”
Randomnization features have always caused a problem for me, as attractive as they seem. This game will avoid randomness altogether. Each level will consist of a house (logically laid out so you can see what the next room might have in it) and a riddle or some sort of hint as to where the bugger is hiding. A map to study beforehand seems to easy. Maybe some houses come with a map, but other houses only have a description of what’s in the house. Oh, there could be three difficulty levels, easy provides a map, medium provides a description, and hard provides nothing but your wits. Of course, if you’ve played it on easy, you know where to look, so that’s more of a feature for the sake of a feature as opposed to anything useful. Anyway, what would provide the challenge is a turn timer. Every time you click or move to another room, it takes another turn. Then you can gauge how well you did by comparing your turn number to the high score list.
The first problem is art. I figured I could use my pad as the first place to explore, but realized that doors are not arranged so you can see them all from one vantage point, much less see into them enough to guess what might be in there. I don’t know if GM supports some sort of 360° pan, or even a 180° pan, but it sounds like it’s hard and I don’t want to do it. On the other hand, drawing every building as a unique piece of art full of things to click on sounds a lot harder. Maybe I should compromise and do a text game.
Seriously though:

  1. Solve a riddle and follow a map (or explore)
  2. Simple click-to-find interface
  3. A series of increasing harder levels
  4. Everything is clickable

Would you play it?

— March 23, 2018

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