CozyFishing Graphics update #1

2 fish, 2 people fishing

CozyFishing has a pre-alpha non-release! Or at least some concept art. This is done with Pixelesque, which is pretty limited, but something is almost always better than nothing. This is the first actual evidence that there could be a game in the future, so I’m pretty excited. My test audience is quite encouraging as well (the 6th grade math class – oh what they will do to avoid actually doing homework).

This is not a top-down view like I was originally thinking; it does not display hats very well. On one hand, that means I don’t have to create the complex system of hat status symbols; on the other hand I now have to draw male and female characters instead of just hats.

Not pictured: the fishing dinosaur, as requested by students.

— November 30, 2018

2 thoughts on “CozyFishing Graphics update #1

  1. So, what happened to RogueMine and SAF:IRL? Have you given up on those? Or can I see a progress report?

    • Yeah, yeah, you’ll be the first to hear about them when I get some more work done on them. They’re still on the menu.

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