CozyFishing update #2

Despite the prior graphics update, I want to go with a top-down view. A hat obscuring the player puts the focus much more on the environment, which I feel is appropriate for the feel of the game. In the commerce side, there will be no environment, and the hat is your identity, so the same graphic decision can serve both opposite parts. In part, this was inspired by screenshots of the game Kim, which has a top-down view and is beautiful.

Speaking of environgment, I’m coming up with a list of locations to fish from. They’ll all be connected, so it’s not like different biomes, but different areas along the river. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

  • beach
  • lighthouse
  • small cliff
  • big cliff
  • flower patch
  • hidden pond
  • empty cottage

I’m using Godot game engine, because it’s small, open source, and makes sense to me. Gamemaker felt bloated and I never really figured out how it worked. I’m sure that wasn’t because I didn’t try very hard.

— December 27, 2018

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